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The Ring of Lost Souls

This is my latest installment. It is just a concept at the moment, and will be fully fleshed out in November during NaNoWriMo. This story will revolve around an abandoned mental institution. One that actually exists near where I live. There will be a nasty god who is trapped in the underworld and his only link between where he is and where he would like to be, is a ring. He uses this ring to possess people.

Indiana Meets A Vampire

Indiana Shamira is not your average Aussie chick. Sure she is young and pretty. She has a regular job and a house of her own. But nobody around her is aware of the terrible secret that lies inside. You see she has had her memory erased. She doesn’t know how. Or why. Only that she woke up a year ago with a totally clean slate. No memory of her life or her loves. Nor of her family or friends.

She also has another dirty little secret. Indi can see the Otherworld. That dark and mysterious place that lies between the land of the living, and the home of the dead. She is not sure why she has this gift, or even if she wants it.

Now she had a new problem on her hands. You see this evening a vampire appeared in the otherworld - and then stepped out of it! Right into Indiana’s living room. He is tall and dark and ever so handsome. But why did he pick her cellar to make his home. And will she ever be able to get him to leave? Can he help her to restore her memory?

Only time will tell.

And then the genie arrives…

**Indiana Meets A Vampire is currently being edited**

Indiana Goes On A Road Trip

Indiana thought her life was finally on track, but then her American cousin, Candice, appears. She claims to have news of Indie's sister. Unsure of what is fact and what is fiction, Indiana takes a blind leap of faith and takes a road trip in search of her memories.

**Indiana Goes On A Road Trip is currently being written**

Indiana Runs A Brothel

In this adventure, Indiana has to solve the strange disapperances of her neighbour, Sally, and her vampire boyfriend, Sam Von Strike. Meanwhile, Sam's creator, Camilla Le Fanu, sets up the Nibble and Whore  in Sally's abandoned house.

**Indiana Runs A Brothel is currently being written**

Penne Stargazer

A concept character. Penne works in the small town she grew up in. She knows everyone and everyone knows her business. When a new woman moves into town and the community dramatically changes, it is up to Penne to save them all from themselves!