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BlogFlash Halloween (#BlogFlash1031)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

True Blood Interview on Triple J Radio Station

So, you may have noticed that i am a bit of a True Blood fan. I also write for a US based True Blood fansite called True Blood Net. Recently, my hubby was listening to Triple J on the way home from work, when a conversation was started about True Blood, and all things relating to vampires. So being the opportunist my hubby is, he insisted that I send them a text about the show.

So I did.

And this is what happened (you can listen to the whole podcast, but my interview starts around the 29 minute mark):


Johanna said...

Super cool Rachel!

Rachel Tsoumbakos said...

Thanks Johanna - I'm still a bit shocked that I ended up on radio!

Gary Hoover said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing.