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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Manu Wins Dancing With The Stars *yawns*

So it was the most expected win on Dancing With The Stars. Channel 7 love him. The audience love him. So why do the Manu-haters appear like rats on a sinking ship as soon as he had won last night?

I'll tell you why: people don't like it when channel 7 celebrities win the show *scratches head* Am I the only one who realises that the only people allowed on Dancing With The Stars are either channel 7 personalities or people who are not contracted to other networks? I mean, wake up and smell the coffee guys - who else would win?

Yes, I was disappointed when Haley Bracken lost to Many Feildel, but it was exactly what I expected. People who watch channel 7, are familiar with the people who appear on that network. While I would like people to use their 25 cents to vote for the person who has the most talent, realistically this isn't the case.

And, on the subject of viewer votes, I must say that I was overly impressed with the order in which people were voted off this year. For the vast majority of the season, viewers got it right. We didn't see anyone in the final who was abysmal. Each celebrity deserved to be there. The only thing I would have changed, voting-wise during the season, was to vote Samantha Armytage off before Lara Bingle.

So congratulations to Manu, and I hope you sober up quickly. Did anyone else watch his drunken interview on Sunrise this morning?

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