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Sunday, 7 August 2011

I Have Found My Happy Place...

...actually, it's been found for quite some time now.

Besides writing and reading anything I can get my hands on, I thoroughly enjoy growing things. Well, edible things anyway, I don't really see the point in flowers, as anyone who has read my other blog, The Barefoot Gardener, would know.

Every year I tend to go AWOL around this time (well, normally a little later than this, but it's an Spring this year). I get out there in the garden and frolic in the dirt. I pull weeds, I rediscover the good growing spots in the garden, and I plants bucket-loads of seeds. I have such an addiction to buying seeds that I am no longer allowed to enter Bunnings with my credit card. In true addict-style, I bought four packets of seeds from my fave eBay seed seller, Lil Miss Seedy, this morning to celebrate the fact that I would be dedicating my blog to gardening today.

This year, besides the obligatory vegetable seeds, I have also promised my daughter her very own secret garden. Shock Horror! That means flowers, and LOADS of them. Luckily, it is a secret garden, and can be hidden behind the orange trees, otherwise my friends and family may pull me up on the fact that I have finally caved.

My daughter, on the other hand, is terribly excited about having a new garden. She has decorated it with all her fairy statues that she has been collecting for this very purpose. While it is endearing, it is also distracting. As I plant, I have to keep rescuing the poor dears from being buried alive. I have also had to explain where fairy heaven is after stepping back to admire all my hard work and accidentally squashing one into oblivion. Interestingly enough, my daughter has announced "Don't feed the fairies." When I prompted her, she replied with, you'll get taken back to fairyland and you can never escape. Erm, think she's got her fables mixed up there!


Connie J Jasperson said...

I love it! You are like mys sister in your approach to gardening!

Rachel Tsoumbakos said...

Thanks Connie :-D