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#BlogFlash Halloween

BlogFlash Halloween (#BlogFlash1031)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Now!

You'd better run. If you can't, you need to trip the person next to you in order to save yourself from the zombie apocalypse!

Starting from this week, you will be able to view my new weekly serial entitled 'ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE NOW!' on Wattpad. It is entirely free to read and the whole Wattpad universe is completely addictive! There are so many fabulous stories on there.

You have the chance to meet Rosalyn in my first episode. She seems to have lost someone dear to her during the zombie apocalypse and now she is making the terrifying decision to flee her house in search of food. But will she make it past the zombie at her door?

This series will revolve around four women: Rosalyn, Berta, Pip and Tatiana.

Be warned, one of them will be a crazy cat lady. Another will be pregnant.....

Make sure you add ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE NOW! to your reading list on Wattpad and vote on my first part so you can keep up to date on the lives of these four women.

And if one week is too long to wait, you can check out excerpts from THE RING OF LOST SOULS and EMELINE AND THE MUTANTS. I will also be adding a snippet or two from my upcoming trilogy that I will be writing for National Novel Writing Month in November.

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