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#BlogFlash Halloween

BlogFlash Halloween (#BlogFlash1031)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"Emeline & the Mutants": only 99 Cents on Amazon!

In celebration of Emeline and the Mutants exciting new makeover, I am offering it at the heavily discounted price of 99 cents until next Monday 24th of September! Available only on

The new content included in the book comes in the form of journals by the characters you love the most, news articles from before the Haum vaccine mutated and turned everyone into zombies, vampires, werewolves and trolls, and propaganda leaflets.

Make sure you get in quick before the sale ends. If you have the old version, you are still able to purchase this new version in addition to the previous one. Why not compare the two and let me know which bits you like the most?

Quick, you can purchase Emeline and the Mutants on here for only 99 cents - but hurry, before time runs out!

As a teaser, here's one of Emeline's journals.....


Emeline Hart’s Journal.
(Found in the roof cavity of the abandoned Hart residence)

January 8

Things I never want the world to forget about Angus:

  • He’s smart, but studies for fun
  • I met him at Uni. We were both studying ancient cultures
  •  His father expected him to follow in his footsteps and become a media tycoon
  •  He’s stinking rich, but he’s not pretentious about it, not one little bit
  •  When he eats ice cream he always ‘accidently’ gets some on his face - just to shit me
  •  His favourite pet was a dog named Minnie
  • His hair is brown and curls up over his ears when he needs a hair cut
  •  I love him

January 9

I met Angus after work today. I needed a beer something fierce! Right from the moment he walked into the bar, I knew something was up. He looked like crap, that’s for sure and if I didn’t know any better, I would think he’d already started drinking without me. I quizzed him, but other than saying he had a headache, he insisted he was okay.

January 10

I’m hiding in the roof cavity of my house.
I should have known better last night. Angus was sick, not drunk. But not good sick - Haum sick.
This is my first encounter with zombies. Sure I’ve met a whole bunch of vamps and weres - most of them being my family - and I even know a bit about merpeople (well, actually ‘people’ is no longer correct since all the mermales seem to have been eaten by their spouses), but zombies are new to me.
I am peering down through a small hole I punched in the ceiling with my biro. Angus can smell me, but he can’t work out where I am. I wish I didn’t have to do what has to be done. I wish Angus was like me - immune.
I don’t want to shoot him.
I still love him.


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