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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Heart Search Guest Blog

We've seen the trailer for Heart Search, we've read the excerpt and interviewed the author, Carlie M. A. Cullen, now, let's get inside the world of her very own version of reality......

Blending the Paranormal Into the ‘Real’ World 

(Guest Blog by author Carlie M.A. Cullen)

When you are a writer, you can create any type of world you want – the only limit is that of the writer’s own imagination. Fantastical worlds filled with all manner of creatures and magic systems, or planets with alien species complete with hierarchy and monsters adorn many a page, so is it difficult to blend the paranormal into what anyone would consider the ‘real’ world? 

My answer to that question is, no! For a moment, let’s examine what paranormal elements already exist in the world we know. 

There are well-documented cases of poltergeist activity around the globe; there are even TV shows dedicated to it where the evidence is irrefutable. Evidence exists of hauntings, ghost sightings and malevolent spirits and again these things have been shown on the small screen in our lounges and at the movies too. Studies have been carried out to prove the possibility of Telekinesis and other paranormal ‘talents’. And finally you have mediums or clairvoyants as they are sometimes known, who receive messages from ‘the other side. 

Bearing all this in mind, writing a story which blends our world with the paranormal isn't quite as fantastical, or difficult, as it sounds. 

Writers have to have the mentality that ‘anything is possible’ yet at the same time they need to make at least some of it believable and realistic. As I've just released a book about vampires, which is set in England, I’m climbing the fence of two genres. Although it’s classified as Paranormal Romance, because there are vampires involved it also borders on Fantasy. What I had to do was ensure the fantasy/paranormal element married up with the human world in a way that didn’t make it jar or too incredible. 

I had to plan out the structure of the vampire side of the book carefully. I had to decide whether any of them would have ‘powers’ or ‘talents’ and what they would be. Some of the ones I chose do actually exist. For example, one of the vampire characters is an Empath who can feel pain and emotions from those around her. I actually know at least three Empaths so taking this into consideration, that particular vampire’s abilities are believable. I understand not everyone considers Empaths to be real, just like not everybody believes in the abilities of clairvoyants, but I know different from first-hand experience! 

By using ‘gifts’ which are documented, it helps to blend the paranormal into my real life situation and enables me to use my imagination to ramp up the not quite so real ones. Creating the vampire lair in the type of property dotted around not only England but other countries in the world, gives the story more authenticity. Describing the area the house is in and the immortals’ abilities to drive cars or walk down the main street of a town or village at night, incorporating sounds and smells which are easily relatable, like the smell of beer from a pub or bar, also helps to balance the real with the paranormal. 

If you want to write a story set in our world which incorporates paranormal elements you need to use your imagination to create it in such a way as to make it . . . possible, believable and, to a certain extent, realistic. 

So pick up your whisk and blend away. 

Thanks so much for that wonderful insight into how an author creates a world. Now why don't you check out Carlie's fantastical reality in her new book Heart Search. Available now from

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