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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

So You Think You Can Talk Like an Aussie?

It has come to my attention that us Aussies don't speak the same way as everyone else. Paul Hogan made the rest of the world familiar with 'G'day' and Lara Bingle made us cringe with 'Where the bloody hell are ya?" But, recently, I have come across a few terms that turn the rest of the world on their head. Like: 'Well, that died in the arse, didn't it?' Apparently, we are the only country that don't think of Richard Gere when saying that.

However, it is our overuse of one little word that seems to cause the most grief: Piss.

To everyone else, it is what you do when going to the bathroom. (Although, in Australia, we have a bathroom, but use the toilet when we need to tinkle.) To the average Australian, it can mean a multitude of things. So why don't you take my poll, and see how many of the terms you recognise?

So You Think You Can Talk Like an Aussie?
Are you coming to Dazza's piss up?
You piss me off!
I am taking a piss
I am taking the piss
Pissing myself laughing
Wanna sink some piss?
Piss off!
To piss in someone's pocket and call it rain
I'm pissed
Look at you, you're piss-arse drunk!
What a pisser
That's a bit pissy
She's a bit pissy
You're as weak as piss/To be piss-weak
That's a piece of piss!
That Bluey, he's a pisshead
I'm as pissed as a newt (or parrot or skunk)
To piss in the wind
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Now, I WAS going to put the answers her, underneath the poll, but I just might wait a couple of days. Make sure you follow my blog so I can notify you when the answers are up.

Let me know in the comments if I have missed anything.


Connie J Jasperson said...

Oy! I wanna know what these mean!!! They look fun, and useful in social situations involving drunken brothers-in law and random bikers.

You crack me up, Rachel!

Rachel Tsoumbakos said...

Lol! I have actually missed a few out. So I will include all the extras in the next blog ;-)

Johanna Garth said...

This made me laugh Rachel! Thank you!!

My husband uses the phrase, "she's pissy," in reference to my daughter when she's in a bad mood.

Singularity said...

I think the UK and Aussie vocabularies are very similar lol!

Iris B said...

Oh Rachel, this post made me giggle. I only came to Australia in the late 90s and with English my second language (and I had learnt "English" English at school) I had LOTS of situations where I stood there with a blank face! I had no idea what people were talking about :-)

Surprisingly there's quite a few words which are so truly Aussie ... I had my editor saying "What?" a couple of times!

jenny milchman said...

Wow, you guys really get your use out of the word. I hardly knew any of them!! Vegemite, though. That I do know.

Rachel Tsoumbakos said...

Thanks for clearing up the Aussie vs. UK vocab issue Shaun. I was never quite sure how closely we followed each other ;-)

And Iris, I hear your pain - I find I am still having to explain Aussie terms, never realising they were exclusively Australian :-/

Jenny - vegemite is DELICIOUS! Seriously, it is ;-P