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#BlogFlash Halloween

BlogFlash Halloween (#BlogFlash1031)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Fantasy Island Book Publishing: Scare Our Pants Off Competition

Fantasy Island Book Publishing: Winner of the Scare Our Pants off Contest:

Congratulations to Jared Loper, who is the winner of Fantasy Island Book Publishing Halloween horror short story contest!

Jared wins a full edit of his story, a shelf full of horror, and a place in every blog of every FIBP writer with a link to his full story.

Here is his super scary entry:

Boogeyman by Jared Loper
Everything had been going well the day that it all happened. Surprisingly well, even. It had been a crisp, fall day. As Miguel walked home from his job at the Indianapolis Child Support-Prosecuting Attorneys, he could smell the moisture in the air. It would snow soon. If not today, then sometime later on in the week. The walk to Ransom Street wasn’t very far. It also wasn’t the most pleasant walk in the world. The neighborhood had been pretty run-down and was only getting worse. (More at

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